Why Google Pixel 5 choose Snapdragon 768G Processor to be powered

Google is manufacturing flagship smartphones named as Google Pixel. After the Google Pixel 4, now leaked news is coming out about the new model i.e. Google Pixel 5. Previously, Google has to use flagship Snapdragon chipsets for this model. But now there is a rumour about using Snapdragon 768G chipset instead of Snapdragon 865 in Google Pixel 5.

The reason behind the choosing Snapdragon 768G processor in Google Pixel 5

It is found that the use of premium flagship chipset increases all over the price of a handset. So it will be costlier for a customer and this hampers the sell. So this time Google is going to use a mid-range chipset i.e. Snapdragon 768G for its upcoming handset.

Implementing Snapdragon 865 chipset, supporting X55 5G modem, will automatically increase the cost of the handset significantly. As Snapdragon 865 is the costlier chipset and using it increases the price caused to be expensive for the customer.

For the first time Pixel series uses Qualcomm 7 series chipset instead of Qualcomm’s 8 series flagship chipsets.

Specification of Snapdragon 768G processor:

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G processor is a mid-range octa-core SoC. It is manufactured by 7nm process. SD 768G processor divided into two segments. One of that fast performer segment contains two ARM Cortex-A76 (Kryo-475 gold) cores in which one core is operating at a clock speed of 2.8 GHz and another operates at a speed of 2.4 GHz. The other power-efficient segment contains six small ARM Cortex-A55 (Kryo-475 silver) cores operating at a clock speed of 1.8 GHz.

Adreno 620 GPU present in the Snapdragon 768G. It offers up to 15% enhanced performance compared to Snapdragon 765G. The newer chip, first-ever in 7-series platform, supports Adreno updateable GPU drivers. It also supports 120Hz refresh rated displays.

The Snapdragon 768G implements Snapdragon Elite Gaming features for smoother gameplay. It provides Hexagon 696 digital signal processor (DSP) for enhancing the details. SD 768G can deliver superior gaming performance and intelligent multi-camera capabilities. It comes with 5G connectivity including preserves battery life.

The Snapdragon X52 5G Modem-RF System is implemented in the Snapdragon 768G. It supports all key regions and frequency bands including 5G mm-Wave and sub-6 GHz, 5G SA and NSA modes, TDD and FDD, global 5G roaming and multi-SIM. It also supports Wi-Fi 802.11ax, Qualcomm aptX, Bluetooth v5.2, and USB Type-C.

Features of Snapdragon 768G Processor:

  • Adreno 620 offers 15% faster graphics.
  • Upgraded Kryo-475 offers 15% enhanced performance.
  • It supports 120 Hz refresh rated on-screen display.
  • Snapdragon Elite Gaming features including:
    • Updateable GPU driver
    • Qualcomm Game –  Junk Reducer (v2.0)
    • Qualcomm Game – Fast Loader
    • Qualcomm Game – Network Latency Manager
  • It supports mm-Wave, sub-6, TDD and FDD with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for global coverage.
  • Qualcomm 5G Power-Saver provides improved power efficiency for long-lasting battery life.
  • Implementing Wi-Fi 6, Qualcomm Fast-Connect maximizes the connectivity.
  • AI and CV-ISP create a smarter, quicker camera that delivers 4x power savings.
  • CV-ISP also supports real-time object classification, segmentation and replacement.
  • Qualcomm aptX, Adaptive Audio syncing with media, keep audio robust, low-latency, high-quality wireless audio and aptX voice audio used for super wideband calls.
  • Hexagon Voice Assistant Accelerator implemented for advanced voice use and echo cancellation and noise suppression.
  • It supports Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec and speaker amplifier with Dolby Vision video playback and Customized Golden Ears filter.
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge AI Technology is designed to extend battery life cycles.