What is the latest technology in ecommerce in 2020?

Do you have heard about the latest technology in ecommerce? The E-Commerce industry is booming gradually from 2018. All of we know that the big e-commerce giants are Amazon, Alibaba for the worldwide and Flipkart is the most popular brand in India. Many offline shop stores turn their business in online.

So most common question which you have to think about what is the latest technology in the ecommerce platform and how to use my offline store to online store using the latest technology. An E-commerce platform is a common term to launch your offline store to an online platform.

Most Popular Latest Technology used in ecommerce:

Ecommerce industry is the largest community in the digital sector. This Ecommerce industry works depending upon the supply chain. Suppose you have a product in your store and you have to showcase that product digitally, using this ecommerce platform you can easily share your product and everyone buyer from a different location can contact you for buying your product.

latest technology in ecommerce

When it comes about technology, let take a discussion on how to take a chance in this technology in your ecommerce platform.

How ecommerce works:

eCommerce platform works like a supply chain. There are several intermediate connections between seller and buyer. ECommerce platform generally complies with digital rather than local store. Anyone can buy anything from anywhere. From the buy to the seller, there is a supply chain system works for this e-commerce technology.

How Ecommerce work

A logistic network also takes part in this latest technology in ecommerce. The logistic system means when you are buying something from any ecommerce platform, rather than the ecommerce company, there have a courier for transport your order from a buyer.

How to start ecommerce platform:

In the year, it is very simple to display your product globally using the latest technology in ecommerce. Here is the list for showcasing your product on the internet:

Website Development:

Website development for your ecommerce store is the most in general technology used in ecommerce this year. There are several platforms to develop or design your website like: WordPress, Wix, Shopify store and lot more platform to create your website.

Facebook shop:

Yes! You have seen this term on the internet about this Facebook shop. As Facebook has around 2.6 billion monthly active users available on that Facebook platform, You have a better chance to showcase your product on the internet using the Facebook shop.

layout of facebook shop

I have cover one article on How to create Facebook shop and how to set up a store. Check out this article for your better information.

What is the huge impact of using the latest technology in ecommerce:

See! Now, this the digital age, you must agree on that if you use the latest technology in ecommerce, it will make a huge impact on your store and product.

Flow chart of latest technology in ecommerce

  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning implementation can showcase the user-specific product for that particular user.
  • Using the website and web application, the seller can communicate with their buyer and recommend their other products directly.
  • Machine learning and AI use on Facebook and Facebook reach your product for the relevant customer who is interested in using these kinds of product.
  • Smart intelligence can manage the stock, product variation, product offers, and so more. The normal general store can’t even manage this easily.
  • Smart logistic management system easily tracks its travel agency and deliver any product to the customer.


Our modern lifestyle has changed a lot more. In the Ecommerce industry, this technology changed the role of a local store. Though every time the local store will be there for-emergency purpose. Every year technology has changed, some business upgraded and some downgraded. Latest Technology is such a term that you have to keep them always updated and every day.