Try 5 Tricks of Google Search – Search Smartly and Quickly

Whenever I get something unknown, I go to Google and search about it. I am sure that you will also do the same. In today’s topic, I will tell you five tricks of Google search that make your searching quicker.

Google is more than a search engine that collects data from all over the internet. It stores knowledge of the data center and looks for meaningful information to make it available in seconds. As many users don’t know about the tricks of Google search, they can’t take full advantage of Google Search. So, Techvaio brings this article that will help you learn the tricks of Google search in 2022.

Know about the 5 Tricks of Google Search

You will wonder to know about these amazing tricks of Google search. Also, these tricks of google search will help you to search your queries smartly and quickly. These will increase productivity for online researches. You will also get the information of the Web at your fingertips.

Get any documents in one click

We often need a specific document like Docx, pdf, ppt, and xls. But, Google provides many sites and further information about your searches. If you want to get any document quickly from google search, type “ [Name of the Topic] filetype. [format Docxhe document such pdf, Docx, ppt, xls]” in the google search bar and continue.

tricks of Google search

Now, Google will give you the same documents much faster. Using these tricks of google search, you can easily find case studies, knowledge Docx, research papers, excel files, pdfs, ppts, and so on.

Search anything containing with or without one specific word

Suppose you are searching for something and want to have a specific word in it, then you must try this trick. Type “[Searching topic] ‘+’ (specific word)” in the google search bar and click to continue. Google will provide results that contain the specific word.

Similarly, if you want to avoid any word from the search result, then use “minus sign (-)” instead of “plus sign (+)” and the rest remains the same. Google will provide you with results avoiding that specific word while searching “[Searching topic] ‘-‘ (specific word).” Using such tricks of a google search, you can find more specifically.

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Search a particular line

If you want to search for any quotation or specific line, you should use this trick. Go to Google’sGoogle’s search bar and write the quote or line in between double-invited coma [” “]. Google will give you results that contain the same lines or quotations as you write up. Thus, you will get all the sources where the specific line or quote is written.

Search anything half-forgotten and half-remembered

Most of the time, people forget something from a whole thing. Suppose you can’t remember an entire song; recognize a few words of a song. Then, how can you find it on google.? So, this trick will help you out.

Go to the search bar and write the search topic between double-invited coma [” “]. You have to write two or three words of the song you remembered and use [*] in case of the forgotten word. Click to continue, and Google will deliver the proper result, whether a song or any other thing.

Search from a particular site

Sometimes, people follow a particular site to get informative and valuable content. And, they search from that site for any queries. Similarly, if you want to search from a specific site, then go to the search bar and type “ [Name of the topic] site: [Name of the site]” or “[Name of the topic] related: [Name of the site].” Then, click to continue.

Google will give results on that particular site. The search will list results only from the given website, not from the other sites. So, it will be easier for anyone to find content on a particular site. 

Some funny stuff

Apart from all the useful tricks of Google search, you can do something funny if you have enough time. You have to type on the search bar to find it. But, this time, it will make you laugh or change your mood.

To do so, go to Google and type “The Wizard of Oz – Google Easter Eggs” in the search bar and click to continue. A page will open where you will see a pair of shoes at the beginning. You need to tap on those shoes with your mouse pointer and see the magic. Do you want to know what happened.? Then, try it on your own.

Basically, it rotates your screen. If you find the same, share your experience in the comment section. After that, the image of shoes changes into an image of a storm. Again, tap on that image of the storm, it rotates opposite site and goes back to first page.

There is also a funny trick available you can try. Go to google and type “chandler,” then click on the search button. At the very beginning, Google will provide Chandler Bing, and there you can see a chair. Tap on that chair and see the magic.

A Duck with a Duckling will come out from that chair, and they will move one side to another side on your screen, sounding quack. It will continue until you tap on that chair again. The Duck and Duckling will go into the chair on the second tap. It’sIt’s quite funny.

Last Words on Tricks of Google Search

These tricks of Google search will help you get the best search results. Tricks of Google search that fits you use them three to four times to remember automatically. Do check these tricks of Google Search out and let us know in the comment which one is your favorite among the tricks of Google Search.

I hope you will like today’s topic and try the tricks on your own to get amazed. Comment your experience and share the moment while doing the fun stuff. That’sThat’s all for now. I will be back with another exciting topic soon, till then stay safe.