Best tools to Make Social Media Videos in 2020 [Easily]

Social Media Video is becoming a fantastic asset for improved conversion rates, which is good, especially for businesses. Surveys have found that including a video on your landing page or social media platforms can elevate your conversion rate by up to 80%, and adding a video to your email can escalate your click-through rate.

These days’ people are getting more diverted towards social media, so there are greater chances of conversion through people who watch videos online and are likely to buy a product just by watching videos – and the magnificent statistics in video favour continue.

As the impact of creating and uploading unique social media videos, it is throwing a lot of effect on SEO and branding for businesses. This has led to elevating the demand for video editors.

Creating videos is not a piece of cake for everyone; there has to be some technical knowledge without it, people will have to depend on the social media video maker. It is especially appropriate for small businesses that are not that skilled and lack technical knowledge, and cannot afford to hire one.

Social media videos do play a significant role in growing businesses, which small businesses can’t ignore. This guide is a good starting point if you want to learn how social media can improve your conversion rates and grow your business. If done rightly, it involves excellent profit.

This article will reflect on six tools for making social media videos to help you out.

Tools for making social media videos


animoto - social media tools

It is a cloud-based video tool that perfectly matches professional video creation in a concise duration of time. It has various categories. “Marketing videos” is for companies to create their promotional videos, “Slideshow videos for photography” is mostly for photographers for creating videos from bundling their pictures. “Slideshow videos for family” allows private customers or filmmakers to convert pictures or video clips of family get-togethers into entertaining films.

Marketing videos” have a variety of templates that can be grouped by using regularly. If you want, you can start from the beginning and create your video totally by yourself.

Through Animoto, you can use different file formats too, like adding photos, videos, pictures, and sound. Additionally, you have an ocean of editing possibilities and a variety in the music library of over 1000 licensed songs.

No need to jam in the web of uploading and downloading again and again for postings; you can directly upload the finished video from Animoto to social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This whole video making thing does come with some cost, but it’s not that expensive to afford.


rendrfx techvaio

RendrFX is another immensely popular video creation tool specially used for any marketing purposes like websites, social media, and more.

Anyone can create videos through RendrFx quite easily; you just need to add up your content like videos, images, text, colors, audios, or graphics and then use their professionally-designed motion graphics templates along with it. There are many templates available to choose from, and you’ll also get access to Videoblock’s collection, which has over half a million stock of media files, including videos, photos, audio, and graphics, at no extra cost.

You can create Video ads, logo revealing videos, social media videos, promotional videos, explainers, slideshows, and many more with the help of the RendrFx tool. And the best thing about this tool is that you can start using it for free.


bitable making social media

The best tool for the beginners-Biteable, which is used to create online animated videos. If you want to start creating your video, then you can use any of their templates or add some among the hundreds of different styles of animated photos, scenes, or live-action videos. If you wish to create a unique video, you can also add your content, photos, colours, and sound. And for adding the background music to the video, you can make a selection of music clips to add to your video. Biteable can create videos like presentations, logo animations, slideshows, business ads, infographic videos, and many more.


moovly social media tools

If you want to dive more deeply into the ocean of creating videos, Moovly is one of the video tools for you that also offers a vast functional range. You will find a massive amount of icons and graphics that you can add to your videos. Also, it offers quite attractive animations, and you can even get the chance to upload your voice recordings. This allows you to create exciting clips for all types of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more.

There is also an option to upload your videos on Facebook or YouTube through Moovly directly. You can take the free trial, but you will have to compromise with the video quality as it is limited to some extent and reflects a watermark on all videos. To create quite impressive videos on a professional level, it is not that expensive to afford.


powtoon in social media

Create animated videos of your choice with Powtoon. You can easily create a presentation or an animated video within a few minutes through Powtoon as it has its ready-made templates that you can easily customize through its drag and drop feature. Powtoon helps create all kinds of videos for marketing purposes. The results you get will be quite fun and engaging, best for social media, email, or promotional purposes.


invideo social media tool

This cutting edge tool helps to make stunning professional videos in minutes. InVideo has in-built templates and a media library with millions of attractive images, videos, and music for all your needs. Its advanced editing options will allow you to either crop frames, trim clips, video looping, or more. You can also add stickers, overlays, effects, GIFs, and music as per your mood to make your video best suit for social media.


These are the best tools to create marketing videos for any business firm, marketers, or media companies