[5 Explanations] Apple Translate vs. Google Translate Which is Better

With the new iOS 14, Apple has launched a new Apple Translate app. It is competing with the Google Translate app available in Android/iOS. The app containing a clean UI provides excellent features like translation mode, offline translation, phrases saving abilities, etc. In today’s article, we, Techvaio, will evaluate head-to-head about these two apps and … Read more

How to download Google Input Tools for Windows 10

Google Input Tools for Windows 10 Google Input Tools used for text management and real-time translation in the Chrome browser. This Google input tool extension allows users to switch one Input Language to another effortlessly with a single mouse click. This extension enables virtual access to the keyboard with 90 different languages, and the user … Read more

The Best 5 Google Chrome Extensions – You should use

Hello friends, today I will tell you about some of the best Google Chrome Extensions. You can use these Google Chrome Extensions by adding them to Google Chrome. And, you can download these Best Google Chrome Extensions for free. And by installing these extensions you can use them. Grammarly: This is the first extension in … Read more