Top 16 Best Screen Sharing and Remote Access Software

Screen Sharing and Remote Access Software for Windows

During COVID Pandemic, classes, meetings, and many more activities are going on online. So in some cases, the Host might have some essential documents to show to other participants. So, they need some apps, Software, or sites to share the screen to show important something or troubleshoot any technical issues of colleagues. Do you know, it’s easier than your hard thinking? You just need some apps, Software, or sites, including free remote access tools that will help you in this task.

In today’s article, we, Techvaio, will tell about 16 best Sharing and Remote Access Software of 2020. And we will describe them to make it easy for you to find the best Sharing and Remote Access Software of 2020.

Top 16 collection for Remote Access Software for Windows

Screen Sharing as a Primary Function

We have divided whole apps, Software, and sites into three categories based on primary function, screen sharing during a video conference, and remotely accessed. So, let’s start with our first topic i.e., screen sharing as a primary function. It is focused on the screen sharing functionality., with a complete suite of webinar services and online meetings, offers easy-to-use screen sharing functionality for both individuals and businesses. With a simple meeting dashboard, the user can share their screen with audio, video, or both. Meeting hosts can also access desktop sharing function with any participant in the meeting, including keyboard and mouse control, using the same meeting dashboard. All the meetings, webinars, remote access, and desktop sharing services of are 100% free.

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Mikogo helps the user to share their desktop screen and remotely access other PC screens. With a live chat window, it supports file transfers also. It also prevents particular apps from sharing their content that will stop from accidentally displaying sensitive information.

The free version of Mikogo allows users to share screens, documents, or applications without downloading or installing plug-ins. It supports voice conferencing and remote access, not a video conferencing with people live over the web. The free service offers a 14-day trial that allows a maximum of 25 meeting participants.

After 14 days, Mikogo users need to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue with this video conferencing app. The lowest subscription is 11 dollars per month, which rises depending on the number of peoples using it.

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Show My PC



Show My PC is mainly focused on screen sharing without the capabilities of any audio or videos. The screen shared by the Host person can be viewed by the participant only when he or she enters the access code provided by Show My PC. Viewers can see Host’s screen only, but cannot control. It is a solid choice by providing a simple user interface for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It is available for free, as well as the paid version. The free version can be download from the site that need not installation for use. User doesn’t need to create an account to start using. The company also applied a 5 dollar per month basis subscription charge for home or office PC access services.

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Screen Leap

Screen Leap Screen recording software

Screen Leap is a fully web-based tool that supports screen sharing and remote screen accessing. Though Screen Leap isn’t pack up with a lot of features, its simple and straightforward interface makes it easy to use. Users can also share the entire screen besides sharing just a single window.

Screen Leap allows user to share their screen instantly via web-browser to any device without installing software. Sharing can be possible from Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or any OS which supports the Chrome browser. It doesn’t support audio or video conferencing with a free version. But users can get a chat window to type in and communicate with others. The free plan includes two meetings with a maximum of eight viewers up to 40 minutes each day. The lowest plan is 15 dollars per month, including other higher-end plans.

Visit Official Website remote access software, an online screen sharing site, allows us to create a meeting link to join up to 250 people. It also offers audio and video conferencing with the users across the US and over 50 other countries with toll-free numbers. The users can share their screens one by one using the presenter swap feature. The Host can select one participant to hand over control among others who will then display his or her screen.

With mobile whiteboard feature, users can share real-time discussed notes. As an enterprise alternative, is an excellent site for screen-sharing, including presentation support. Presenter swap and whiteboarding both are bonus features for presentation scenarios. It supports a maximum of five users per meeting in the pricing rate of 10 dollars.

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Screen Sharing Through Video Conference

Now comes the second part. These apps are using in Android and iOS devices for video conferencing. These apps have a screen share facility during a video conference. During Lockdown, office meetings, online classes were going on through these apps. Let’s start it.


Zoom Screen sharing

Zoom is a free real-time video conferencing app used to keep in touch employees to their tracks and students with their education in the absence of physical activity during the COVID-19. Besides video conferencing for meetings and online classes, Zoom supports screen sharing and remote access also. As a host or participant, he or she can share their screen during the online conference. To access someone else’s screen control, go to “View Options > Request Remote Control > Request.” Then wait for the acceptance by the requested person to take control over his or her device.

Zoom a best Remote Access Software, is free to download from Google Play Store as well as App Store. Maximum 100 participants can join in a meeting, including the Host. Participants need not create an account or log in to join in Zoom’s meeting. You have to enter the meeting code provided by the Host to join the meeting. Once the meeting started, participants can communicate with others via HD video and audio. For meetings, it provides a 40-minute time limit with a limitless number of meetings.

Users can share screens through a connected iPhone or iPad (via Air-Play or cable), desktop, windows, and whiteboard. There is a call recording feature to help participants when they revisit content. Mobile users can also share their screens and able to join chats. One of the best video conferencing app, Zoom provides free as well as paid services. Under free service, Host can create a meeting for a maximum of 100 participants with a 40-minute limit. The paid version provides a 24-hour meeting limit with Host and 100 participants. The lowest subscription price is 14.99 dollars per month per Host.

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Cisco Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex is a video conferencing app that allows meetings with a maximum of 100 participants for free service. It also features screen sharing, HD video, and a private room, without any time limits for meetings. Users need not sign up for a Webex Meetings. Participants can join the meeting by entering the meeting code and password given by the Host. After some security issues found in Zoom, Cisco Webex become popular during this lockdown period.

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Skype is the original video conferencing service owned by Microsoft that allows users to conduct video meetings. Users need not download or sign-up for joining meetings. This platform supports Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. It supports screen sharing during video conferencing. A drag-and-drop function allows users to share files up to 300MB. A call recording facility is available that helps later to playback. This recording will be kept up to 30 days in MP4 format in the chat.

Skype has on-screen polls features that allow users to create a poll for checking up on the team’s opinions. Microsoft has developed Skype, a free version software that expands collaboration for remote workers via video calls, and screen sharing for companies. Teams also include 365 Office business plans.

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Google Hangouts

google hangout

Google Hangouts offers audio and video calls with others. During a conference call, the user gets an option to present and share their screen. Users need a Google account to access Google Hangouts, which is free. Users can even schedule their meetings using Google Calendar. Participants need a meeting URL to join the meeting. Google offers a business version of Hangouts that called as Google Hangouts Meet. It is a part of the G Suite office suite.

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Discord screen sharing software

Discord is mainly designed for gamers looking to connect via text, voice, and video by sharing screens among other users. Discord is a channel that can be set-up through a web browser. It can also be downloaded in a computer as an application. It works with mobile devices too. The Host and participants both need to register and create an account to use it.

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Screen Sharing Through Remote Access software

The last is remote access software and screen sharing software and tools. Through these apps, users cannot only share their screen, but the Host can access other devices and control that device. This Software is useful for providing technical or other services to the user without the technician’s physical appearance.


Anydesk screen sharing option

AnyDesk is a remote desktop software as well as Remote Access Software that supports Windows, Android and iOS, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi. The connecting process is simple, and the Host needs clients AnyDesk address to access the client’s desktop and vice-versa. The Host can manage the client’s desktop and resolve the problem, if any. Other features like remote session recording, adjustable slider for balancing connection quality via connection speed, clipboard syncing, and cross-computer keyboard shortcuts are available. AnyDesk can be used as a desktop app and a portable program. AnyDesk is free for personal use; besides that, its business plans start at 11 dollars per month.

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Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop can only be accessed through the Chrome browser that should be installed on computers. If the user doesn’t use the Chrome browser, he or she should look at another app or Software. In Chrome, the user will find an easy-set-up and no-frills remote access tool. Google has aimed this Software to the users who stay at home and need to share computer screens for file access or quick troubleshooting.

Users need to install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Then two PCs will connect through automatically-generated code, and Host gets the control of the client’s PC. For regular access, Host and client can link two devices permanently. Chrome Remote Desktop also allows users to access Chromebook, Android, or iOS device through a Chrome browser. It offers cross-platform support along with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

To avoid the installation of the extension, you can go to to make a direct connection through the web. The benefit of the installation of extension is that it will provide more features.

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teamviewer remote access

TeamViewer is a remote access software that allows the user to access other desktops remotely. It supports Android and iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. Besides screen sharing, it also allows users to share audio and videos with other participants.

Screen sharing is exceptionally secure and follows SOC2 and HIPAA regulations. The platform uses 256-bit AES Encryption along with Two-Factor Authentication to provide a secure connection not to snoop on the user’s activity. There is an option for partially screen sharing to avoid entire desktop sharing. Features like file sharing, whiteboard, and chat are also supported.

TeamViewer is available for free for personal and non-commercial users like students, friends, and family. A price range starting from 35.90 dollars per month per User license is applicable for companies and enterprises.

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Mingle View

Mingle View

MingleView is a free peer-to-peer Remote Desktop software that can share and control the client’s system. It allows the Host to conduct online meetings and presentations with work colleagues. Participants can join by entering a six-digit meeting ID. It supports unlimited connections and participants. Its only negative point is that it is only working on Windows, not Mac devices.

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LiteManager Screen recorder

LiteManager Free, a remote desktop software, provides main features such as omitting extras audio-video chat, recording, and ticketing and functions of the regular LiteManager program. It allows users to control a maximum of 30 computers.

Besides the basics features like file transfer and text chat, LiteManager also delivers the coolest advanced features:

  • IP filtering
  • Registry editor
  • RDP integration
  • Screen recorder
  • Network mapping
  • Cascade connections
  • 30 connected computers
  • Remote installation of screen-sharing Software

LiteManager, an under-appreciated program, offers the same features as expensive paid tools. A paid version is also available i.e., 10 dollars per license. But it’s unnecessary for most peoples.

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Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities

The Remote Utilities remote access program allows you to connect a remote PC over the internet or LAN. The free version offers firewall bypass capabilities, 16 different connection modes, and connections over the internet by IP address or by DNS name or by ID. A commercial version is also available.

It supports connection to many PCs bypassing firewalls and NAT devices at the same time. It’s an excellent feature. But the minus point is that it supports Windows only. Remote Utilities, remote desktop sharing app for Windows, costs 29 dollars for a one-time basic license.

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Final thoughts

So, this is all. We, Techvaio, make sure that you have gained knowledge about the 16 best Sharing and Remote Access Software of 2020 by this comprehensive information. At last, if you like our article, please share it with your lovable persons and help them to know about 16 best Sharing and Remote Access Software. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.