Meta Announces New Privacy Policy for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

Meta, the parent company owns multiple social media and messaging platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Recently, Meta announces new privacy policy for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. However, these changes will focus on conveying to the users how the collected information has been utilized by the company.

Availability of New Privacy Policy from Meta

The new Privacy Policy, known as Data Policy, will be starting on July 26, 2022, effectively. However, the updated privacy policy has left out WhatsApp, Workplace, Free Basics, and Messenger Kids.

The VP and Deputy Chief Privacy Officer, Rob Sherman states the Policy of Meta, “Starting today, Meta is rolling out notifications letting people know that we’ve updated our Privacy Policy, formerly known as the Data Policy” on Thursday.

Moreover, the company has mentioned starting to send out policy update notifications to users. They can review the changes and get more details simply by clicking on that notification. However, it’s not necessary for the users to act on these notifications. They can also ignore it.

Meta Announces New Privacy Policy

Meta’s updated Privacy Policy won’t introduce new ways to collect, use or share user data for the company. The company has simplified its new privacy policy to provide a clear and detailed explanation of the policy and various data practices.

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The Chief Privacy Officer of the company, Micheal Protti said, “We’ve rewritten and re-designed our Privacy Policy to make it easier to understand and clearer about how we use your information.” Moreover, Protti has claimed that the company provides more details about the types of third parties with whom it works, shares, and receives information. Even Meta has also explained how and why the information of the users is shared across its products in the New Privacy Policy.

Meta announces new privacy policy for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger
Meta Announces New Privacy Policy

Meta updates Terms of Services as well

Besides the new changes over the Meta announces New Privacy Policy, the company is also updating its Terms of Services. The updated Terms of Services helps to explain in a better way to the users what is expected from the accounts by the company on its platforms.

New privacy setting on Facebook

Moreover, Meta is rolling out a new privacy setting on Facebook. With this new privacy setting the users can control who sees their posts on Facebook – Meta’s social media platform by default. Meta has also announced that the Privacy Center dashboard of the company is now available for every Facebook user and it’s directly connected to the updated Privacy Policy.

Is It Mandatory to accept Meta’s new Privacy Policy and Terms of Services?

Meta has mentioned that the users in selected countries (including India) will have the option to reject the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. A Meta spokesperson issued a statement, “For most countries, our Privacy Policy is informational”.

That’s why the company is sharing a prominent notice to highlight the changes. But the user doesn’t need to click on the notifications to agree to the updated Privacy Policy. Moreover, Meta has confirmed that rejecting the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, won’t impact the user’s access to the Meta-owned platforms.

Final Word – Meta Announces New Privacy Policy

Meta announces a new privacy policy only to help the users to understand what the company has done with the user data. Is it harmful to you or not, you will be crystal clear from this updated policy. Moreover, you have the power to choose whether you accept or reject the new privacy policy and Terms and Services.

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