How to Install iOS 16 on Your iPhone Right Now

Is it possible to install iOS 16 on your iPhone right now? Yeah, it’s possible to download and install iOS 16 on your iPhone. As we have told you that Apple has rolled out the new iOS 16 software update, iOS 16 is now here to download and install.

Whether you’re still on iOS 15 or testing the latest iOS 16 Public Betas, it’s time to upgrade to the stable version of the software unless you have compelling reasons not to. While the procedure is simple, if you’re doing it for the first time, it may be a little perplexing. So, here’s how to install iOS 16 on your iPhone right now.

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Download iOS 16 for Your iPhone (2022)

In today’s article, we will mainly focus on transitioning from the ‘Developer beta’ or ‘Public beta’ to the stable build. However, we will also look at a straightforward, clean update from iOS 15 to iOS 16, which is what the majority of users will do. Although the updating procedure is simple, Techvaio recommended you back up your device before applying any software upgrades.

Devices Compatible with iOS 16

Before moving to the download and installation process, check out the eligible iPhones that support the iOS 16 software update. Also, check out the iPhone deals on the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale.

  • iPhone SE (2nd gen)
  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS / XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro/ Pro Max
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Plus
  • iPhone 14 Pro / Pro Max

Upgrade from iOS 15 and Install iOS 16 on Your iPhone

If you haven’t already installed the iOS 16 betas on your iPhone, the procedure is simple. Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. Your iPhone will search for available updates, and the iOS 16 update should be ready soon. Simply download the update from this page, and it will be installed shortly.

Install iOS 16 on Your iPhone

Upgrade/Move from iOS 16 Public Beta to iOS 16 Stable

Here’s how to update your iPhone to the stable version of iOS 16 if you’re using the Public Beta. The iOS 16 Developer Beta will also be compatible with these procedures. Therefore, you may follow these instructions to upgrade from the iOS 16 Developer Beta to the stable release.

Remove iOS 16 Beta Profile

  • We have to delete the beta profile at the beginning to cease getting beta updates for iOS 16.
  • Go to Settings > General > VPN and Device Management to get started.
Remove iOS 16 Beta Update
  • Tap ‘iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 Beta Software Profile,’ followed by ‘Remove Profile.’
Remove the Beta Update
  • Enter your Passcode, and then confirm by tapping ‘Remove’ again.
Enter Password for confirmation
  • To complete the profile removal, you must restart your iPhone. You may do this right now or at a later time if you like.

Check for Update

  • As soon as the profile is gone, we may begin to wait for the stable build to be released.
  • Open Settings, then select General, then Software Update.
Install iOS 16 on Your iPhone
  • The iOS 16 update for your iPhone will soon become available once your iPhone checks for software upgrades.

Final Word

That’s how you can install iOS 16 on your iPhone right now. Once you’ve installed the update, make sure to check out all of the new iOS 16 features, since there are some very amazing ones. So, have you downloaded iOS 16? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, and share it with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is iOS 16’s update size?

The iOS 16 update will be at least 5GB in size, while the amount varies slightly between devices.

2) How long does iOS 16 take to install?

The time it takes to download the iOS 16 update package may vary depending on your internet speed. However, after the update has been downloaded, iOS 16 should take no more than 10-15 minutes to install.

3) iOS 16 won’t install?

First, make sure your iPhone is suitable if iOS 16 won’t install on it. Next, make sure you have at least 50% battery life and are connected to Wi-Fi or another reliable internet connection.