Google Drive Supports Copy-Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are using Google Drive via a desktop, Google Drive supports Copy-Paste Keyboard shortcut that will be super handy for your use. Google has gained a new capability of supporting copy-paste keyboard shortcuts. So, you can now easily copy and paste content to manage your files conveniently.

Google Drive Supports Copy-Paste Stuff

On PC, you can now use the keyboard shortcuts such as β€œCtrl + C” for copy, β€œCtrl + X” for cut, and β€œCtrl + V” for paste while accessing Google Drive. However, you can use β€œβŒ˜ + C” to copy, β€œβŒ˜ + X” to cut, and β€œβŒ˜ + V” to paste on Mac.

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Now, you can easily select multiple files and send them to different locations in Drive. Without any hassle, you can use these copy-paste keyboard shortcuts instead of a multi-step process using the mouse. Even you can move files from one location to another across multiple tabs in Google Chrome.

Moreover, the title of the file including the link will also be copied from a Drive file. So that you can easily paste it into another document or an email. Google has also revealed that Drive will support the β€œCtrl + Shift + V” shortcut to avoid the duplication of files during copy-paste a file. If you have an active subscription plan for Google One, it will also help in freeing up space on Google Drive.

Google Drive Supports Copy-Paste
Google Drive Supports Copy-Paste Keyboard Shortcuts

Additionally, the β€œCtrl+Enter” keyboard shortcut will let you open new files and folders in a new tab. This functionality will be helpful when you need to use different tabs and manage files in different folders. Even you can open multiple files and folders at the same time using this shortcut.

From 1st June 2022, Google Drive supports the keyboard shortcuts and it will reach soon all its users and Google Workspace customers. So, what do you think? Does this new cool Google Drive feature will be helpful for you? Let us know in the comment section below. And, thanks for reading.!