Common WhatsApp Tricks based on WhatsApp features

We all are using WhatsApp in everyday life. Whatsapp has come out with a lot of interesting features in this year. You might don’t know that there are common Whatsapp tricks based on Whatsapp features.

After reading this article, you have gained an idea for Whatsapp features. Do you know have any idea how to customize WhatsApp easily? After reading this article you can able to use Whatsapp in a completely new way.

How to Play Facebook or YouTube videos in WhatsApp without leaving the chat

With the time to time updates, WhatsApp adds on new features within it. After taking ownership of WhatsApp, Facebook adds an interesting feature. By using this feature you can play any video from Facebook and YouTube without leaving the chatting.

Whatsapp features and tricks

To use this feature at first you have to copy the link of the video either from Facebook or from YouTube. Then come to WhatsApp and open someone’s chatbox with whom you want to talk and also want to see the video. In that chatbox just paste the copied video link and wait for an attachment within it. By the feature, the link automatically generates an attachment. As soon as you touch that attachment a small window will open in that chatbox. And the video will start there. So you can continue your talk besides watching the video at the same time. It is a new feature which is a very impressive one.

Best 4 Simple WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know

You use WhatsApp daily. Every day you talk to many persons and if you are willing to know with whom you talk more, you can check this. Also, you can check with whom you share more data like media transfer.

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How to Share Live Location in WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides Location Share feature. You can share your live location for a limited time that is ‘Just Now’, ‘15min’ and ‘60 min’. Same for the other person whom you share your live location. He or she also has to share his or her live location. In this way, one map part comes on the chatbox. By clicking that both of them can see each other’s location on that map. In this way, without asking someone about the way you can easily find your friend.

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How to Set Status privacy feature in WhatsApp

WhatsApp includes a privacy feature in the status section also. If you upload status in your WhatsApp and you want that some specific person cannot see the status, then this feature will help you. By using this feature you can hide your WhatsApp status from that specific person. Not only for a single person but it will also be applicable for that number of the person whom you choose.

Whatsapp features and tricks

In the WhatsApp, in the middle, there is a “Status” option from where you can upload any status. There you get three dots at the top right corner. By clicking that you find “Status Privacy” option inside the option tray. Click that and you will get three option. Choose one of them and customise your status privacy.

A security feature in WhatsApp:

WhatsApp includes very good security feature i.e. fingerprint lock. In WhatsApp, you may do an important secret conversation with someone. Because of the no security, that conversation may be seen by others. So many users install a third-party security app to secure WhatsApp messages. But now WhatsApp is providing this security which is really an impressive and important upgraded feature.

Facebook Shop – How to Create Facebook Shop in Facebook

Facebook Shop is a new feature that Facebook has introduced through which you can buy or sell different types of products. 

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In the WhatsApp, at the right top, there are three dots. Click that and you will get an option tray slides down from the top right corner. Then click the “Setting” option. In the beginning, you can see the “Account” option. By clicking that you find “Privacy” option. At last, there you see the “Fingerprint lock” option. You can set your fingerprint from there. And it will make your WhatsApp more secure.

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