Top 8 Amazon Fire TV Stick Alternatives

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device to access movies, music, and many more through the internet. There are several Amazon Fire TV Sticks Alternative available in the market.

In today’s article, I will tell you some Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives to help you to choose the better media streaming device from the market.

About Amazon Fire TV Stick

I have already described Amazon Fire TV Stick in my previous article “Top 10 Media Streaming Device for LED/Smart TV” if you haven’t read it yet, go and read.

You have to plug the media streaming device into the HDMI port of your TV. Then, select the source to HDMI. You can now get access to several streaming apps like Amazon Prime Netflix, Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, YouTube, and all other video and music streaming apps.

Besides Amazon, there are a few companies that offer a media streaming device. You can use these devices to make your TV smart. All the Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives are pretty similar media streaming devices. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is popular because of its value for money.

Mi Box 4K/Mi TV Stick

In terms of price, MI Box 4K is placed at the top. It costs Rs. 3,499, lesser than Amazon Fire TV Stick. It runs on Android TV 9.0 and supports 4K streaming with 5000+ apps and games. The device has an in-built Chromecast and supports Google Assistant including Dolby + DTS 2.0 digital out.

Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives
MI Box

Also, the cost of the Xiaomi MI TV Stick is lesser than Amazon Fire TV Stick. It supports 1080p streaming with HD, FHD TVs. It provides all the features like MI Box 4K except streaming 4K. Due to affordable pricing, the media streaming devices from Xiaomi are better to choose from.


  • Xiaomi devices are easy to set up and use.
  • It offers an in-built Chromecast.
  • It also supports Google Assistant that works well.


  • Some Apps of Google Play Store does not work.
  • The Remote is old and similar to Xiaomi MI TV.
  • Sometimes you will get a little bit slower performance.

Apple TV 4K/Apple TV HD

Apple TV is a media streaming device and the Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With Apple AirPlay, you can cast and mirror videos. You will get a Siri remote to control your TV and other smart devices using voice commands.

Apple TV

As the compatibility of Apple TV is limited, it’s ideal for Apple users only. The regular Apple TV doesn’t support 4K streaming. You need the Apple TV 4K to stream the iTunes movie library in 4K Ultra HD.


  • It supports Siri and HomeKit.
  • Apple TV 4K supports casting using AirPlay.
  • It offers an Ethernet port.


  • It is costlier than Amazon Fire Stick.
  • It only works with Apple devices.
  • Absence of extra USB ports.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Under the brand of Fire TV, Amazon offers a lot of devices with several facilities. The media streaming device, Fire TV Cube comes with in-built Alexa support, and Amazon Echo Dot to stream movies and TV.

The Fire TV Cube supports 4K video streaming with HDR and Dolby Atmos. It also offers an IR blaster to control Blu-ray players, soundbars, cable boxes, and others. Even you can connect a wireless security camera and view your television.

Amazon Fire TV Cube


  • It offers a familiar interface.
  • It comes with Alexa support.
  • It is faster than Fire Sticks.
  • It can control other media devices.


  • It is costlier than a streaming stick.
  • It could offer more features except for the needed one.
  • Compared to others it is bulkier.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is built to be compatible with Google Chrome and Android. So that, you can easily stream videos on a computer or Android phone through the internet. Even you can stream videos and music directly from a shared folder or an external hard drive on your home Wi-Fi network. You will get a small amount of local storage on Chromecast.

Google Chromecast

Besides all, the Chromecast Ultra supports Google Stadia. That means online video games can be played through the cloud gaming service of Google. The new Chromecast have a flat design with an in-built magnet. Whereas the original Google Chromecast looked like a USB stick. The in-built magnet can be used to attach the end of the HDMI cable.


  • As it is a product of Google, it supports Google Assistant.
  • It allows you to play online games with Google Stadia.
  • It is available in multiple colours.


  • The older Chromecast doesn’t have an Apple TV+ app.
  • Depending upon the version, the features are varying.
  • It is well known for its vulnerability to hackers.

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

Nvidia’s Shield TV Pro is the most expensive Amazon Fire TV stick alternatives. But, you will get quality service in terms of high price. It provides a Tegra X1+ processor with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of local storage. It is much faster than Fire TV Cube and Chromecast in terms of performance. As it is designed by a gamer, it makes it easy to play games on your TV.


The Shield TV Pro offers two USB ports and an Ethernet port. So, you can connect a modem or router directly and forget about the poor Wi-Fi connection. Even, you can connect a game controller to play mobile and PC games. However, the original Shield TV lacks USB and Ethernet ports. But, it provides the support of game controllers and Bluetooth peripherals.


  • It is perfect for online gamers.
  • It connects to the modem directly to minimize lag.
  • It supports both Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • It features Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, HDR10, and 4K streaming.


  • It is costlier.
  • It comes with a bulky design.
  • It offers limited storage spaces for games.

Roku Ultra

Roku brings the concept of internet streaming on TVs. Besides offering reputed products, Roku manufactured media streaming devices, streaming sticks, media players, and smart TVs.

You don’t need to subscribe to Roku for streaming. Roku doesn’t support anyone of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. But, it delivers barebones streaming devices to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and so on. Some models also support voice search facilities.

Roku Ultra


  • It offers different features in different models.
  • It is less expensive than other media streaming devices.
  • It delivers tons of free channels.


  • It offers limited features.
  • It delivers minimal voice assistant functionality.
  • It doesn’t provide local storage or DVR.

Airtel Xstream Box

The Airtel XStream Box is another Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives that offer 4K HDR video streaming, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast. It runs Android TV OS, and provide Google Assistant for voice commands

You will get an easy remote controller with an in-built microphone feature for voice commands in the Airtel XStream Box. You will get free channels along with a 12-months free Hotstar VIP subscription. The only drawback is slow and though UI.

Airtel Xstream


  • It offers free channels along with a 12-months Hotstar VIP subscription.
  • It provides a remote controller with an in-built microphone for voice commands.


  • It delivers slow UI.
  • The user interface is tough to use.

Raspberry Pi

With the official support of the Widevine package, Raspberry Pi 4 can be used as a media streaming device. You can connect it to a TV via an HDMI port and four USB ports. Even you can attach game controllers and other accessories.

The downside is to set up everything on its own. If you are willing to put in some effort, then only it’s a good fit for you. But, it will be counted as the Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives.

Raspberry Pi – Media Streaming


  • It is a great tool for learning about computers.
  • It offers unparalleled customization features.
  • It is a powerful tool with great value.
  • It is mainly used in projects, automation, etc.


  • The setup consumes a long time.
  • It doesn’t support 4K streaming.
  • While working, it becomes too hot to be damaged easily.


Amazon Fire TV Stick is a popular streaming device loved by most streaming lovers. Some of its features like low storage need to be upgraded. If you want to explore some other options, this article “Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives” will guide you.

Comment and let me know which one is the best Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives according to you. Don’t forget to use a VPN to keep your identity anonymous while streaming. And, it also keeps you safe from malware and security threats.

FAQs on Amazon Fire TV Stick Alternatives

1) What are some good streaming devices other than Fire Stick?

Fire TV Stick is an amazing streaming device with the major drawback of low storage. You can try Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives for a better experience. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield TV, Google Chromecast, and Roku are some of the Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives.

2) Can Raspberry Pi be used as a streaming device?

Yes, Raspberry Pi can be used as a media streaming device with a few adjustments. It is one of the cost-effective Amazon Fire TV Stick alternatives. And, it offers good quality streaming.

3) Which one is better, Fire Stick or Fire TV Cube?

Both have their pros and cons. But, Fire TV Cube is a better option according to me in terms of specifications and features.

4) What is an alternative app to Kodi on Fire TV stick?

Kodi is complicated and not user-friendly. You can use Amazon Fire TV Stick, Plex, Emby, Stremio, Media Portal, Popcorn Time, and Universal Media Server as Kodi alternatives.

5) What alternatives for cable TV can I get for a Fire TV stick?

You will get several options for experiencing a cable TV. Sling TV offers various channel combinations, Hulu delivers Live TV channels, Philo provides more than 60 channels, and YouTube TV also deliver more than 80 channels.