All about Signal Messaging App an alternative to WhatsApp?

Signal messaging app has become the most popular application while WhatsApp updating their privacy policy. On January 7, after a tweet from Elon musk “Use Signal”, this signal application gained popularity at the peak of the mountain.

Not only Elon Musk, but Jack Dorse CEO of Twitter, also suggested using Signal app for the messaging application.  

Testimonial of Signal App

As per TTWORLD Magazines report, the signal has increased its 25K weekly download and so on. After updating the privacy policy from Whatsapp, most of the users create their account on signal and invite their friends and families.

Introduction of Signal app

On january 10, 2018, Signal foundation founded this Signal app and this signal app was created by an American Cryptographer, Moxie Marlinspike and a former co-founder Brian Action (Also, a co-founder of WhatsApp). Brian action made an initial funding of $50 million at the initial development stage.

What is Signal App

Signal app is a private messaging application and along with that, this application allows creating groups, audio & video calling features who are in your contact list. Signal App use encryption while someone is chatting within the application. 

For every application, privacy is the first priority for every user. Signal app comes with their unique encryption during any kind of conversion. 

Why Signal app is unique from other messaging platforms

We have collected and pointed out some of the most important points which make the signal app unique in this 21st century.

  • Security and Privacy: While in this century, on the internet, security and privacy are becoming the most challenging and important question for everyone’s mind. So, signal provides an end-to-end encrypted messaging system. Like, if Roger sends some interesting t-shirts to the Herry, only rogers encrypted message can be read by the Herry’s device. Meanwhile, all the data are stored on the server-side in the encrypted form.
  • Open source project: Another interesting thing is that signal is an open-source project. Something crazy right! Yes, the source code of the signal is openly available on Github, so everyone can contribute for providing more security and more functionalities.
  • Clean User Interface: Although every messaging platform has their own unique layout which all are good and never argue with the user interface. But in Signal private messaging app the user interface is more clean and fluid. It allows us to change the color of individual conversation.

Features are missing from WhatsApp

Although everyone is on WhatsApp and trying to switch the signal app, there are few more features they are missing from the signal app. One of them is Status. Yes! WhatsApp is famous for its status and stories. Most of the people who are in our contacts share their own personal stories in the whatsapp status. Now after using this signal app they are missing this feature. 

Another major functionality missing on signal applications is that after uninstalling the application, every personal chat, sharing pictures is not easily recovered like Backup from google drive on WhatsApp.

How to backup and restore data from signal messaging app

It is not an easy process to back up your chatting on a signal app. As this application does not store your data on their server and all the data are stored in your device itself. So if you have RESET your device, every chat will be erased from your device. 

Creating Backup on Signal messaging App

For keeping them step follow the following steps so that you can easily create a backup of your signal chatting.

  • Go to settings > chats and media > chat backups.
  • Now click on the TURN ON button. 
  • It will be asked for Enable local backups?  💡 Important Note: Save the 30 digit Passcode in a save place it will ask while restoring your data.
  • Now Click on the Create Backup and your chats backup has been created and saved to your device.
  • Now you can save that file in your google drive by manually uploading that file or other places where you want to put.


Creating-signal-chat-passcode-techvaio.png Creating-signal-chat-backup-storage-techvaio.png

If you need for more information or help you can followed the Official Help centre of Signal App

Restore Backup on Signal messaging App

For restoring the data from old device to new device or reinstalling the signal application you have to transfer your Old Backup files to a New Backup folder. 

💡 Important Note: Generally Signal app backup files are located on [/storage/emulated/0/Signal/Backups] on your device. 

  • Go to settings > chats and media > chat backups.
  • Click on the Restore Button
  • Enter your 30 digit Passcode which was generated while you had enabled backup on your device.
  • Wait for a few minutes and you all chats are restored.

Final Words using Signal App

Signal messaging App is becoming the most used private messaging app. We do also recommend Signal to our teammates for our primary messaging application. As we believe that privacy is a myth on the Internet but signal apps have provided us with one level extra privacy during private messaging. Do comment for your opinion for using this signal application. 

Finally! As Signal Private messaging app is an open-source project, the team at a signal they are committed to providing open-source privacy messaging system. But every open-source project needs development fees, server costing, So we are requesting you to donate something from your heart for running the development. DONATE NOW: